Cheapest site to buy Rowan Tapestry?

I looking to buy some Rowan Tapestry in the colorway Moorland for the Lady E and I need the cheapest place to buy it. Im looking for $7 and under because Im broke :pout: . Any suggestions?


I don’t know if you use ebay but I found this.

I found it at for $8, but there’s no shipping. Nestucca Bay Yarns has it for $7.96, but there’s a discount code for knittyboard readers if you go to their ad there and click through. I think it’s 20% off.


Webs has Tapestry yarn for $8.95, but with their discount pricing it could be 20-25% off ($7.16-$6.72) depending on how much you order. They don’t have much left in your colorway, but you could email them to order some more.

Here’s the link: Rowan Tapestry.

Thanks guys :muah:

Sometimes, if you GOOGLE the word…you will get a ton of options.
I have found yarn using this technique.

Like the time I lost all of MY FAVORITES saved in my IE thing…because of a computer meltdown forcing me to do a reformat/reinstall! Grrrr. I was completely lost without all MY FAVORITES for yarn, yarn shops and yarn accessories!! Grrr. Had to start from scratch…by GOOGLING mostly…then swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan. Adding links in MY FAVORITES again. And the ads places on Forums such as this.

Dont forget to visit some of the reputable Ebay Yarn Shops.
Here is a link I found on Ebay for Rowan Tapestry 4 skeins for $28.50. I just typed Rowan Tapesty Yarn in the main search bar…and found it. Slim pickin’s right now. Even my favorite Ebay Rowan lady is out of Tapestry right now! I JUST LOVE IT but haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I LOVE ALL THE COLORS…and can’t decide which I love most! I am on yarn restriction right now (self-imposed)…so I have to be good…and earn the right to buy new yarn!