Cheapest Denise set?

I took a 30 minute drive to a yarn store this morning to go and get a set, and they were out. I am in no mood to go gallavanting around trying to find them, so I am just going to order them. Where is the cheapest place to buy them?

I’m not positive if this is the cheapest, but knitpicks has them and you get free shipping. Supposedly, if you order through the link here or knittinghelp then Amy gets some benefit from that. Everybody wins.

Knitpicks is a good price, and Amy benefits. So I’d order from there. But, this place has em on sale for 2 bucks cheaper, and free shipping, but I’ve never ordered from them before, so I can’t verify their service. But they are the cheapest I’ve found.

well when i got my order recently i did notice at the top of the invoice KnittingHelp was listed as the source of the order!

sigh this is why I don’t order online. It’s too easy to just pile things into the cart and then hit submit. :lol: I got the needle set, the cabled backpack pattern( anyone knit this yet?), and the aplaca color card. I should have set a time limit. :lol:

Thanks for letting me know about going through here. :slight_smile: