Cheap storage idea

Hi all!

Yesterday I found a great storage solution for my knitting supplies – an inexpensive toolbox from Big Lots! It’s not the purtiest or sturdiest thing (it’s black plastic with red accents), but it’s more than adequate for all of my yarn and supplies. (I’m a newbie so my stash is very modest… so far.) They had a bunch of different sizes, but I got the 19" one which was only $5.99! :cheering: It has several small compartments on top (great for little doodads like tapestry needles, point protectors, stitch holders, etc.), a removable tray in the middle (for medium-sized items), and a large open area below (perfect for my denise set and yarn). I’ve had it for less than a day, but so far it’s working so much better than the basket I used before, where everything was all jumbled up.

I just thought I’d share my find in case anyone else is looking for cheap storage ideas. I was so excited when I bought it, I think the cashier thought I was a little crazy, but so what? It made my day!


i think the people at Big Lots [size=1](of cwap!)[/size] are use to crazy! :wink:

ya know i had to chuckle wondering how big that tool box had to be to fit stash AND needles in there! it made sense after you said you were new…you are going to need a bigger tool box soon! :thumbsup:

Veeerrrrry soon!!! You will need a bigger box, like a trunk, and then big plastic bins, stacked up, and then… a whole closet… and then a room!!! That’s the stage I’m at, the whole room stage. Just bought those wire cubes that can be attached to each other to file my yarn in in my sewing room. Of course I still have the big plastic tubs in the store room… Don’t worry, you will catch up to the rest of us. I think someone said the one with the biggest stash when we all are gone, wins? samm who welcomes you to stashdom! :smiley: :XX:

:smiley: LOL, I, too, thought that it must be a HUGE box that would allow the stash AND other knitting items to fit :wink: Ahhh, not much longer…u will be using all places in your home for your stash :wink:

I was thinking that might be okay for, like, the “car knitting” stuff. :slight_smile:

I had to read this because after only knitting for about 8 months my stash is becoming unmanageable. What is the matter with me? Why can’t I see I have yarn waiting to be knitted at home and don’t need anymore? sigh I bought one of those large plastic bins on wheels that you roll under you bed but I’m afraid to use it. If I don’t see yarn, does that mean it’s okay to buy more?

Good deal on the tackle box, I use one as a sewing first aid kit and now I can always lay hands on a needle and thread for a quick mend.

:happydance: :cheering: Yep!!! :cheering: :happydance:

:rofling: my dh was telling me on Sunday he was glad to see I was out of my Boyds Bear phase no more little critters coming in and trying to find a place for them… I aksed him are you hoping I will be out of a knitting phase soon? he said nah you only have that one container of yarn in the computer room your doing good… :shock: now I’m afraid to open my closets… :rofling:

ARghhhhh!!! :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: !!! Deceiving husbands is soooooo simple!!! samm

The best thing about having a big stash is that once it gets too large–dh’s can’t keep tabs on whats new and whats old! :— :roflhard: :devil:

i think that is likely true with Dustina’s Boyds collection too isn’t it? :rofling:

:oops: oh yeahhhh I have so many boyds he couldn’t pick out a new one if his life depended on it :rofling: When I was into boyds like crazy I had a car so I would go shopping while he was at work… return home… have it out on display before he returned… but now my car is still waiting for work to be done on it looks like July now for the guy… :rollseyes: so when I go out and come back with it he is here so I thought he knew how much I had… I guess he never opens that closet or didn’t realize how fast it can add up :rofling:

when I use that cheap acrylic yarns in my Multi color scarves
I use a Wine box
looks like crap, but keeps the colors easier to manage

when I M doing a smaller scarf I stack them next to each other in a backpack


when I use that cheap acrylic yarns in my Multi color scarves
I use a Wine box
looks like crap, but keeps the colors easier to manage

when I M doing a smaller scarf I stack them next to each other in a backpack


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s why I keep my stuff hidden. He really can’t tell. Of course if he actually ASKS “is that new?”, then I have to say yes…I just try to change the subject quickly before the question comes! :twisted:

this is histerical! :roflhard:
I wonder if Boyd’s bears are the “gateway drug” to stashing yarn cuz I have a ton of those and I don’t collect them any more… :thinking:

It’s TRUE!!! Dh are SOOOO easy to deceive! And I am absolutely, positively trying to avoid the stash question only ALL the time- esp when I keep getting those coupons in HIS e-mail for a.c.moore :oo: (doesn’t come to my box- go fig!) and when I cut out my michaels coupons…

Stashes can get SCARY big! Real quick!

lol i collect a few (woodsleys and shutterbears mostly) still but for the most part my teddy bears have gotten MUCH more expensive since i discovered the joys of the artist bear! :rollseyes:

my friends insisted that i needed to start knitting clothes for all those “dirty little bears” hanging around the house nekkid! :wink:

I was never into bears but I do still wonder why I can’t just go in a store w/ yarn w/o purchasing some. I went to Michaels for a stitch holder yesterday and left with two pounds of love skeins and a book of baby afghans…when I got home I realized that I forget the stitch marker and had to go back…

I bought two AND a skein of a novelty yarn that I thought might be fun to use for something…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s hilarious, Cristy!

Since we moved and I take a shortcut to avoid rush hour traffic, I have to drive by Hobby Lobby on my way home from work. It’s all I can do to keep the car from hurtling itself into the parking lot and throwing me out at the door! I’m not sure, but I think the car might not let me back in unless I were to buy something knitty! Bad car! :shock:

[size=2]Think the dh would buy that story?[/size]

Thanks for the tip, Jane. Great minds think alike! I have a fishing tackle box for my sewing supplies and was thinking that now that I’ve gotten back to knitting and a little crochet I should get another box (fishing or tool–I’ll check out the one at Big Lots) for my knitting needles, crochet hooks, ruler, stitch holders and the multitude of goodies that are required.

My stash–and yes I already have one after only a few months–is in a couple of the clear plastic storage boxes.

Thanks for sharing your good idea.

Thank you, Jane! I got my “tool box” at Big Lots! yesterday. I went with the 16" size ($4.99) because the compartment cover on the top was see-through. My longest needles fit in it so I’m happy and a little more organized thanks to you. Well, back to the knittin’ :XX: