Cheap linen yarn?

I have this great pattern for handtowels that calls for euroflax yarn, but everywhere I’ve looked it seems to be more than I could afford. The pattern says that I can substitute cotton, but if I can find inexpensive linen I’d like to try it. Anyone got any ideas?

Go to

Under the “internet sale” there is a yarn called “Filatura Lanarota Royal Linen”. I am using it right now and I love it. It is $2.50 a skein right now.

Hm, I never knew about this store. It’s actually not far from me. I will check it out this week if I can.

Question: Viscose = Linen???

I believe viscose is like rayon.

OOh, I’m liking that Filatura linen blend. Those who have made Cozy, do you think this would lend itself well to that? The original Reynolds Mandalay 100% silk is out of my budget, but I want to make it for some one in Florida.

Viscose is a polymer made from wood pulp. It is nice because it helps the garments keep their shape.

Carmen how do you like how it feels? What are you making?

Go and check out my solo “summertime cardi KAL”. I put the photos, pattern and link there. I can’t remember the address, or I would post it here. I like the way it feels. It is a little softer than linen, and it holds its shape really well.