Cheap knitting books?

I’ve been looking into getting a couple of books for inspiration, and I like the idea of some of the Nicky Epstein ones. They are a little out of my budget though, if I want more than one and I was wondering if anyone has any excellent online resources for cheaper books?

I checked and .com (as sometimes it works out cheaper for me to buy things from the USA and get them shipped) but they seem to be the same price either way.
I also checked ebay and there are only 6 items listed - most at almost full price when you add shipping.

My local chain of libraries has 35 knitting books between them and they range from “hip knits for the 80’s Gal” to “Knitting with Dog Hair” to “Renaissance knitting: Wall hangings and tapestries” :roflhard:

I don’t mind second hand books at all - I just can’t find them!

Any ideas?

Have you checked Alibris ( I ran a quick keyword search just for knitting and got 20 hits. I know that a book a friend of mine suggested to me was available there used for a reasonable price.