Cheap @$$ House Sweater


[B]cheap @$$ cotton cone yarn and recycled buttons = cool! House sweater with cuff and hip vents, ribbed yoke to better fit my very narrow shoulders.[/B]

Well, it may be made of cheap yarn, Moni, but it turned out beautiful. And if you don’t tell anyone the yarn’s cheap, they’ll never know.

Great job and nice going on the recycling and cutting costs fronts!

Sweater looks like a million dollars. I think it should get out of the house and be seen around town, too. Very nice work!

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

I LOVE IT!!! Make me one!! Or at least give me the pattern. It looks like expensive wool to me… are you lying to me?

Oh its beautiful! I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful! I do think it needs to get out once in a while, being housebound doesn’t seem to be that sweater’s style! :yay:

I made my granddaughter a house sweater out of peaches and cream cheap cone yarn. She wore it to school and her friends wanted one. Don’t underrate what you made, please.

Chelsea - I know this is going to sound certifiable, but I don’t use patterns. My brain needs the math exercise! I like figuring out all those angles and details in my head as I go along. I usually have a rough idea of what I want something to look like when I’m done, and jump in, figuring it out on the needles as I go. (and yes, sometimes it takes me 5 tries to figure something out! but my brain is the one that needs the exercise!) :smiley:

Great sweater and cheap or not looks top notch!

I think it’s lovely! And very unique, too.

What is a cotton cone? I have a vague idea and saw some pictures but never in the store.

I do that a lot to! :3

I also do this a LOT to : :frog:

WalMart (and I’m sure other stores) carries cotton yarn wound on cones. It’s inexpensive. I’ve used quite a lot of it. I[I] think[/I] the stuff I’ve used is Peaches and Cream but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Very nice Monica!!

yes, that’s it, exactly!

Nice work Monidew! I like those vents in the cuffs! Interesting!