Cheap cotton yarn for a tank?

Ok help! I got some cheap cotton ( I don’t remember the name, but it was on clearance for $5 for a 1lb cone… you get the idea) now I got it for a bag I was going to knit and didn’t think it mattered much. I gave up on the bag. Then I started using it as practice knitting for a tank I was planning on working on… but somehow I got 1/4 of the way done with the tank before I realized it. Now I am wondering if it would be worth finishing it or if I should find good yarn and start over?

When you say cheap cotton, what do you mean? Just the price? Or is it thin weak yarn? If it’s just the price, who cares! :slight_smile:

I’ve used Kitchen Cotton for a tank (WLD’s Shapely Tank) and it worked beautifully. A word of warning though… I’ve found that cotton knits tend to shrink up lengthwise when laundered, so it would be wise to knit an extra inch or two to the length. :thumbsup:

Is there a problem with it? If it’s working up nicely, I would just keep going. Then I would brag about my tank made from $5 yarn.

Well, cheap as in the price… but I don’t really have enough experience to know by touch if the quality is bad :oops: I think it is peaches & cream?? does that come in 1lb cones!!!

It’s working up great fo me! … I was just worried about putting all this effort into a tank and be done with it and not be wearable :?? So I guess that isn’t so much a problem if I don’t have a problem with it right now?

Even expensive yarns can ocassionally give you a nasty surprise. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Peaches n Cream is a kitchen cotton. (So called because it’s good for dish cloths.) But no worries… it’s a decent yarn. Knit away!

Is it Sugar 'n Cream??? That comes in 1lb cones. I am planning to make a tank with it myself, it comes in such yummy colours!!

THIS is the tank I’m planning to make. It is a VERY flexible pattern as far as the type of yarn to use, which I like.

That is it! That is the stuff.

That is it! That is the stuff.[/quote]

On the label it actually says something like…not just for dishcloths anymore!!

That’s it! I thought Peaches sounded not quite right.

Nuno, I got my first Sugar & Cream? or Peaches & Cream I forget, cone at Walmart, I think it was even cheaper than $5. I am in love with it and here’s the bag I made with it that I love. I’m now working on a second smaller bag as I’m going to try and sell little bags at some local craft shows. I think a tank would look great in it. :happydance: Little hats too.

OH, I also got other smaller skeins of Bernat cottontots cotton in yellow, yellow and white and a great mixture of white, blue, light green & lilac.

I just bought 5 balls of “Rose Pink” Sugar 'n Cream at $1.85/ball :cheering: . It’s for my knitty “Sigma” tank but I PROMISE myself I will finish my current projects FIRST! :wink:

Sorry, but my daughter and I both agree… your amazing house detracts from your bag. :heart: wow! I love the floors, I love the view.

I was thinking the same thing! :rofling:

Oh… you guys are sweet! Thank you so much. Yeah, my husband and I were blessed by God the day we got that house (10 years ago). Of course, we had to stop all traveling, all vacations, etc. because it takes every cent we have! But it’s worth it. ! :heart:

Yippee!!! I’m so glad I stumbled on to this!! I absolutely love working with sugar & cream (made many dish/wash cloths) and now I believe I’ll make a tank for myself with it. Well, of course I mean after I finish my other WIPs. I did buy a ball in the most rich delicious purple.

I have done some dishcloths in that and I do have to say that after a while they become kind of stiff and stretched out. However, they do go through some hard use–I doubt you’ll be scrubbing dishes with your tank! One of them is probably about 10 years old and hasn’t fallen apart (though it’s faded and stretched). And maybe the yarn has been improved since 1995. :smiley: Just wanted to share my experience.