Cheap 16" circulars? Help me, aka want to do a group bu

Okay, I am trying to fill out my collection with 16" circulars. I have one Boye interchangeable set with a couple of extra cables my friend just picked up for me at the Hobby Lobby sale. I have size 5 and 10.75 Addi Turbos in 16". Size 4 and 11 bamboos in 16".

I found Boyes and Susan Bates Quicksilvers here:

I’m not sure I am crazy about the Quicksilvers…any opinions?

The problem with the Boyes…they are $3.xx apiece, which is a great price, but you have to buy 3 of most sizes! So I was wondering if people might be interested in purchasing some of the extras off of me. For that price I cannot imagine spending 3x that for Addi Turbos even off the cheap ebay guy! I’m just too cheap.

I was also looking at the Silverados on - they are $5.xx each even considering getting free shipping…

So I am interested in cheap sources for Boye 16" circs or Silverado 16" circs…like $3 or so apiece.

Alternatively I am interested in hearing from anyone who might want to go in on a set of 16" Boye circs in most sizes…I need 1,2,3,6,7,8,9, and 10.

I agree about the Quicksilvers, if they’re the ones I’m thinking of–coated with gray? The joins on them are awful and the points on the thinner ones are so sharp they hurt your fingers.

The others are not bad, though.

Have you checked out yet? She might have some, and I believe her prices include shipping.

AND, Taraknit might be interested in buying any needles you dont want anymore!

16" circs are difficult to come by used - and when I get them they’re usually snatched up straight away.

I think I only have a pair of size 6’s laying around, not uploaded yet.

If you DO do the createforless thingy, let me know.

Yep, I checked :slight_smile: And I do think 16" circs are just kind of hard to come by in general. I asked a friend to check Hobby Lobby for 16" Silverados or Boye’s and she said they had none! Only 29". All my local stores have a pretty poor selection.

Carol, PM me and let me know what you’re interested in. The problem is, I’d be buying a LOT of extra Boye’s if I did the createforless order and I really can’t do that without a firm commitment from people to buy them off of me. I don’t want to muck around w/ebay just because I’m on dialup and have limited computer time. (I do have feedback on ebay, username is hulpy, in case anyone is hesitating going “who the heck is this woman?” LOL).

Also Carol, yes the Quicksilvers are the gray coated ones. Ick, huh? I haven’t tried them. I’m hesitating on the Silverados because I have never seen them but they are nickel plated aluminum like the Addis and look nice…so have you used them and what do you think?

I’ll pm you in a few - I’m at work right now but wanted to say that I really don’t care for Addis - I mean they’re nice and all but I don’t get the price, and I love my Denise’s but for smaller sizes plain ol’ quicksilvers or aluminum work good for me!

Ok…I’ll look for your PM. I agree re: the Addis. Yes they are nice, but I don’t think I appreciate them enough to justify the cost, LOL.

I never object to Addis because I know that I will have them for years to come–and they have a lifetime guarantee, too. Some of the needles I have that are colored have had the coloring worn away and it leaves a gray residue on what you knit. Sometimes quality is worth the extra money.