Chatters for tommorow night?

Hi everyone…

I’d like to let you guys know what tommorows chat topic will be.

With Amy’s blessing of course, I’d like to put together a tutorial/semi-class for KH. I’d like your ideas on what things you’d like to learn…socks, seaming, knitting in the round…what?

A tutorial that could compliment one (or a few) of Amy’s videos would be great, and then we could expand on it a little bit.

So, meet us at chat Monday @ 8pm to hash things over. I’d love to have a ‘secretary’ to take notes by pasting key ideas into a word pad doc while we’re chatting, if anyone is available.



Sounds like fun! DH has a meeting, so if I can get the kids in bed on time I can actually chat! Yay!

I’ll be a Secretary… I can cut and past fast… :wink: Plus I dunno, I haven’t looked, but amy might be able to turn on loggin for a chat room to file or something… maybe not… but I’ll volunteer… I need to take a break from that danred scarf I’md oing


Did anyone make it into chat? I’ve been having computer problems for the last hour or so…I’m heading into chat right now.

Sorry about the inconvienience everyone.

I tried to get into the chat room, folowed the steps and it said I had registed and showed two people in there, however I couldn’t figure out how to enter.

Also when you post the time chat will be open what time zone is it?

Due to weather around here I was unable to attend.,. I got in later and there were afew pople in there with me :slight_smile:

Norm was that the first time you had been there when I saw you a bit after 9?

Let’s reschedule the chat for Thursday night 8pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific.

Are any of our forum mods available? I can rework the times if necessary to accomadate everyone, just let me know.