Does anyone ever use the chatroom here?
I’m on and need help… :??

I personally did not know there was a chat on here

Iam here if your still online :slight_smile: Iam also a fellow Ontarian…:slight_smile:

There are scheduled chat sessions, but people don’t ordinarily just hang out in there to my knowledge.

I haven’t seen a scheduled chat session in months. :thinking:

Oops… that’s partly my fault… :S

But there will be one THIS tuesday (ie: tomorrow) night, starting at 6pm EST US time… :smiley:

See you there!!

I’d love to join in the chat. But WHERE is it located? :?? I don’t see anyplace that says “chat” around here. Thanks.

Click on the tab for Forum and there’s a drop down menu that incudes Chat.

I didn’t know there was a chat either, that sounds like fun.