Does anyone on this forum every use the chat rooms?

I do miss that from my older AOL days.


I haven’t chatted in a while… maybe I will head over there now!

WAAAH!!!, Ikeep getting "page cannot be displayed errors in the chat well. It looks like I’m there, but nothing works. Wahh!!!, Wahh1

Hmm, it looked like you were there to me too. i kept typing but nothing was showing up in the log. Wierd. there’s always yahoo though!

Me too! whats up with that??!! :verysad:

Hrmp!!! Okay. what next? Do we all go over to YM. I’ll have to set up a YAHOO ID. Never used YM before. Let me go check it out.


Where on Yahoo? I use Yahoo for tons, I have yahoo messenger and email and belong to some groups.

I never noticed there was a chat room here. Maybe I’ll check it out tommorow when my Husband isn’t home. Don’t feel like being made fun of for chatting online. :lol:

Actually I meant yahooIM. Cuz that’s what I always use :slight_smile: