Chat room?

I love it that I, theoretically,can connect with other knitters.
I live in the middle of nowhere and knitting is my big thing ( I do other things, not to worry ), so coming into a chat room for knitters would be wonderful. I have tried a number of times to connect with others in the chatroom but there is never anyone there when I try. Are there specific times? or days?
I would love to know, thank you.

I don’t go into the chat room very often but what I’ve seen others do is post a thread basically setting up a time. They’ll say who wants to chat on Thursday at 5:00 eastern or something like that. You might try doing that and see if you get any takers.

Yes, I used to check in most evenings, but it’s like the Wide Open Empty these days.

I’m with you, I dearly love to connect with fellow knitters! Spent New Year’s Eve with some really great folks in the Chat room - really made me feel good. Nice people, knitting, chatting - what more could anyonw want? Oh yes - one of Dottie’s Toddies. :wink:


Yes, those Dottie’s Toddies were tasty as I recall!

Where do you live? I’m in a smaller city in NC, and I was astounded to find a quite active group in my area that meets at least twice a week with 20-40 participants. I found them through Ravelry in groups by location.

I’m going to their meeting this week, I think.

I’m in Southern Maryland, at the tip of the Chesapeake Bay, sorta.

But I went to college in High Point NC for a couple of years. Nice and friendly place, as I recall.

Where in NC are you?


I keep forgetting to update that… I’m in Fayetteville/Ft Bragg.

Woody, the best thing to do is grab your knitting, open up the chatroom and knit while you wait for someone to join you. I do that sometimes if no one is in the room. There are those that would rather not do that and just don’t bother if no one is there.

If I knew there was a specific time for a chat and I was around, I’d be happy to join you. I wonder if we could set up some regularly scheduled chat times like they do on some message boards…:think:

Yeah, I would too – I’ve been in there a couple of times, no joy. :slight_smile: I suppose people could just post a thread asking if anyone’s up for a chat!

I added a calendar for posting knitchat times, if anyone wants to set some chat dates:

The nice thing about the calendar, is I believe people can subscribe and be reminded of upcoming events. Also the events wills show up on the main page of the forum on the day they are happening.

The chatroom is great, but I don’t think too many members know about it. So if anyone wants to take it upon themselves to organize more chats and become a KH chat evangelist, by all means. Would be great to see more people use it.

Oh, and of course posting in the forum that a chat is underway is a terrific way to let folks know.


First time I am posting something on here!
I really started getting into knitting and I am trying to make it into an online business! I ask all friendly knitters to friend me on the social network Facebook so we can chat!
here is my link

:cheering: I’m a relatively new knitter, and would love to connect with people who know what thay’re doing. LOL