CHAT ROOM not working again

It’s psychic! It knows when we’re coming…

If I don’t get in touch with Amy, chatters head HERE:

Log in as usual (any nickname and password should work, even if you haven’t registered)

Select Room: KH Chat


I can log in and everything but I can’t see myself posting anything. I don’t know if I would be able to see anyone else’s post because nobody was in there… but yeah, logged in just fine… just can’t see anything I type when I hit send.

Thanks for emailing me Denise!! :heart: Sorry I was out tonight, I just got this.

Okay, we figured it out. Sheldon’s making a lot of server changes this month, so this kind of thing is unusual. It was a different reason this time than last time, and we’ve fixed it.

Sorry 'bout that everyone!!

:cry: I miss chatting … :cry:

We miss you, ek!!! It’s just not the same.

Thanks to Melanie, Sharon, Chris and Jackie for hanging in there last night! It sure was a blast. I hope next week to see more new faces in KH Chat. We always have such a great time.