Chat-folks: Help me fix Chatroom

Okay, the chatroom has been shutting itself down, and until we figure out why, it needs re-starting now and then.

If the chatroom is not working, simply click this link, and it will be re-started. (Just close the window that pops up, no need to do anything in that window.) You may need to log in again, but it should then work.

Let me know on this thread when it’s needed re-starting.


Hiya Amy…

Can we have this made a sticky somewhere on the site? I had a hard time finding it tonight. THANKS!



Can we please, please make this a sticky? It’s really difficult to go through the threads to find every week!



Hi Denise!

If you’re still needing to rely on this, I’m going to bug Sheldon again to try to figure out a permanent solution.

Okay, I’ve bugged him and he’s going to try something new out…
Cross your fingers!

Heya Amy!

I do usually have to restart the chat on Tuesdays, and it’s not a problem. It’s just hard finding this thread!


is there a chatroom here still?

No, this thread is several years old. I think it’s been taken down with all the changes to the forum.

Aww thts sad i actually joined her due to the fact it was suposed to be a chatroom here:aww:

I really wanted to find a place I could talk inreal time with other knitgeeks:hug:

It really wasn’t used very much.

Well maybe it would be different now:)
I know others that have looked for a chatroom too:knitting:

Sorry. They don’t have any plans to install a chatroom at this time.