Chat Anyone :)

Just finished playing Santa, if there’s anyone else on right now who wants to chat, just let me know, Iam here :slight_smile:

:lol: I thought as I was shopping that after all this I would knit and all I am doing is staring at the screen

I know exactly what you mean. Iam bored silly, just catching up on somethings I wanted to look at. Are you ready for xmas?

actually for me its done almost, I ahve two kids and they are 16 & 18. I baught an ipod but I thought the older one did not want one. mistake, girls are hard
we did something differnt this year, we did not wrap the presents we just put them in kroger bags with the names on them. it was fun
we also leave the tree up all year and turn the lights on during holidays and birthdays

I know all about the girl thing :slight_smile: I have a 10 year old and its hard to buy for her, theres not much she wants. Shes getting a portable tv/dvd player, because we have long car rides once a month to her dr’s appts. Some books and a few odds and ends.

what are you working on?

Currently a little stuffed penguin. I just finished a Celtic hat and a shawl. I don’t know what I want to do next, which is funny cause theres lots of yarn to do something.

I love penguins do you like felted sthing, I want to do some, I am new to knitting on;y one week. but i Like to do felted things, what pattern??

I haven’t felted anything before ( I have to pay for laundry where i live so it can be expensive to do felting). I have the Jean Greenhowes book of knitted charaters, there are a ton of them, but the patterns are really easy to do, mostly knitting rectangles with shaping. I have made a few of her things before.

Here’s a link to the books.
If you click on the cover, it will flip through and let you look at all the pictures of things.

Here’s a pic of mr.flurry and a pic of what my penguin is going to look like when he is done.

:smiley: thank you, i will look at it. its not in the u s, what tiem zone do you live in I am central, in alabama
I have not felted either, but I do not have the laundry problem.

:cheering: :happydance: :shock: :inlove: :thumbsup: :cheering: :cheering:
they are so cute cute

Iam in Southern Ontario Canda. It;s 12:15am my time :slight_smile: I get home from work at 10:30pm, so Iam just winding down and watching “A Christmas Story”.

is it snowing???
in alabama we have mild weather, no snow

It’s not snowing right at that moment, but we have about 2ft of show on the ground, it rained today so the roads are clear, but it’s definatly a white xmas. :slight_smile:

where do you buy most of your wool
have you been knitting long! :XX: :happydance:

I have been knitting since I was 8, which is about 23 years now. I don’t have a huge budget for yarns so I shop at local stores, my fav yarn is bernat satin, it knits beautifully and looks like the more expensive wool for a better price. I have a little bit of wool, that I got a few years ago that is waiting to be used but haven’t found that special pattern yet.

What do you use, how is the first knitting experience going?

I just started. I was an applique person, well still am a quilter. but I needed something more portable because I am now in college. so my daughter wanted to knit so I leanered with her. I have enjoyed it. I am making a felted purse.
does bernat satin felt. I do not know much about yarn at all. :rollseyes: too much to learn all at once

Bernat Satin doesn’t felt at all. Its an acrylic yarn, the stuff everyone loves here is the wool of the andes from knitpicks website, apparently is great for felting.

I like to quilt also, and recently took up machine embroidery (like I needed another hobby) I do most of my knitting at work. I do tech support over the telephone and it allows me to keep my hands busy and productive.:slight_smile:

I like making tops. I did not like machine embroidery, so much thread and the machines where expensive. knitting is much cheaper and easier. I taught applique for 6 years professionally and eventually my family wanted me home. so I sold my company called gadget girl on the go and here I am in college. its scarry sometimes

my yahoo im is nancyfriend30
i just started that