Chat 8pm party! woot woot!

In honour of Amy’s fantastic accomplishment of gaining ad space from, we’ll be shopping at knit picks tonight while we chat. Get out your credit cards and join us.

The link to shop from is here:
Click on the knit picks ad.

You can also just chat if’n ya want to.

Some girls from my knitting group will be there too, shopping. We’re all buying our secret pal gifts thru Amy’s ad so Amy gets her kickback.

HOPE TO SEE YA THERE!!! We always have SO much fun!
:balloons: :present:

OH yeah, and we’re at Dave’s room again:

Chat link: Chat is still not up, so we’ll be chatting again…

Enter a nickname & password (any old thing will do)
Select KH Room and click log in button

GRRRR… was having some problems using the chat room, or connecting, or whatever… I will try again later…