hey all

i have finally got myself together to start stretching my knitting ability. so i decided that my son will be 5 in may i want to knit him a tom and jerry jumper and one for his fav cuddly. so i started the cuddly one to learn on.

i started today. it seems to be going really well. th eonly thing i am finding is the knitting so seriously tight.

i am loathed to pull it off just yet as i am so close to finishing the chart. i want to see what it looks like done.

i think the reason its so tight is because i have so many colours running at the same time and im not doing it the way that leaves loops at the back. kinda fair isle but not iykwim.

anyone know what im doing wrong please? :??



Are you stranding the colors across the back but catching them on each stitch? That will make a much denser fabric than if you were knitting intarsia where you have a strand for each block of color that doesn’t get carried across the back. Having the yarns wrapped together will make it tighter, too.

Most picture motifs are done intarsia style for this reason.