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I’m knitting a pattern that uses a chart of a dog across the yoke … or maybe its a sheep … I’ve never done a chart before and the instructions read as follows:

size 104 and 110 - work in st st patt from chart 1, chart 2 and chart 3, change to double pointed needles when the rnd gets tighter, 81 sts

This is a link to the picture of the dog/sheep … its under the kids playing

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I’m not quite sure what your question is.

From what you put of the directions, I imagine that first you do chart one, then chart two, and finally chart three? As you go up the yoke, it’ll be getting smaller and smaller, so you’ll have to change needles.

If it’s knit in the round, all rows are read from right to left, bottom to top.

If its back and forth, the right side is read from right to left and the back is read from left to right.


So on the same round, I would do chart 1 first, chart 2 second and chart 3 third and continue in that way?

Thank you!

Usually if a pattern has three charts, you would complete each chart before you start the next.

Looking at the picture again, I’d bet that you do one chart at a time, since the sheep are offset on each row.

Ok, I think its becoming clearer … each chart has nine stitches … so I would knit those nine stitches (over and over) to the end of the round? Then I will continue in that way until the sheep in chart one is complete? Then start the next chart … etc …

Does that make sense? :expressionless:


Yes, by jove, I think you’ve got it!


Dearest Ingrid,

Thank you … you’re going to get me through my first nordic sweater!