Phew, this pattern is so darn complicated to read! I am hoping someone can interpret for me… I am working from a chart. The first block on the chart is solid black then three pearl blocks then last 4 knitting blocks (8sts in this chart pattern total…here goes.

the first solid black square says in the key this:

k1 in the front, k1 in the back, k1 in the front, k1 in the back loop, ([COLOR=“Blue”]is this all in one stitch??)[/COLOR] p4, turn, k4, turn, p4, turn, k4, pull the 2and st over the 1st, thereafter pull the 3rd st over the first st, and finally the 4th over the first st (=1 st)

any takers?

What’s the pattern?

baby one piece. Sweedish pattern- called gastrike2_5_03_v1 from I had to purchase it and download it from the site.

Okay. That sort of sounds like the directions for making a bobble, and yes, you do it all in one st. Make the increases, then turn and p the 4 sts, turn and knit them, turn and purl, then turn and knit them again. Now, the 4 sts are on the R needle, slip the 2nd one over the one at the end of the needle (as if binding off), then pass the 3rd st over, and the last one. You just have one stitch left now.

Yes! there are little knot type things next to the criss cross braid pattern! wow you are soo good! so, how do I knit one in front and back and again in the same stitch. I don’t know if I am that good or is that in two consecutive stitches therefore making the 4.

It’s like doing the knit front and back (kfb) that’s shown on the increases page only twice into the same stitch. A stitch has a front and back leg, normally we just knit or purl into the front leg. For this one knit in the stitch, but leave it on the needle, knit in the back leg, knit into the front again, then knit into the back again. That makes 4 sts out of one.

ok, if I k1 in front and back twice in the same stitch, that creates 4 sts from that one sts on my right needle. then I am suppose to purl 4, turn etc…am I pearling 4 new stitches onto my right needle so then I would have 8. It doesn’t say to turn after all the k1 in front and back twice so I don’t know how i would end up with just one left.

I think there’s a ‘turn’ missing after you kpkp, so it makes sense to me that you turn and purl over those same 4 sts, turn and knit, turn and purl, etc.

ok, that is what I was thinking too.

ok, I was able to knit that bobble and that is exactly what it looks like. Yes I am sure they forgot to put in the first turn because it works out great. I am def. struggling with these directions…here is my next question…

they give me directions to inc my next row (would be row 13)by 4 sts. I get that part. But after that the directions state
"rep this inc row every 16 rows another 2 times = 78 sts."
does that mean inc the row now and then at row 16 and then at row 32? or inc the row each time through row 16?

You start counting after you do the first increase row. So the next one would be on the 16th row after that, then the 32nd row after.