Can I make a chart smaller? I can’t fit a 40 row chart onto a hat but that is where i want to put the symbol! What can I do?

I suppose it depends on the chart. What do you mean by “the symbol”? Is this a chart of a picture of some kind? Or do you mean some sort of knitting chart symbol like a / (sorry my computer doesn’t give me options for all the knitting chart symbols) L0L

If it is a picture you may be able to scale it down a bit with some thought and make it work. It depends on how complicated the chart picture is on hard that would be to pull off.

If you are talking about a cable panel or some pattern stitch chart, it may also be possible.

It’s a picture. just a sort of tribal symbol from World of Warcraft. It’s not too complicated, how would I scale it? Is there a program or a website?

how would I scale it

One option would be to print out knitter’s graph paper (free online…several sites) in the proper gauge and map out the parts of the image you want over the number of rows you have avail.


There is this site where you can take a picture and have it made into a chart for you, but it is not real percise and you still have to do some thinking. I’ve used it though and it is a start.

Or like Cam said figure it out on graph paper.

I was thinking of scaling things down, for instance if it had a center vertical line that used 9 squares of chart to cut it down to maybe 5. That is still an odd number. Work on proportioning things like that. It is basically drawing it yourself but using some math to help you.

Here’s a link to the site I mentioned. Check it out. LINK