Recently I read a post here about charting…

someone here charted every single stitch in the pattern, and said that it was tedious, but worth it!!

I’ve searched and searched…cant’ find that post…(why dont’ I save these things???)

It wasn’t the Christmas stocking post…if that’s a help at all…sigh…

I can’t find it, either!

I’ve done that, but I don’t remember if I posted about it. In fact, if I do anything that has a pattern stitch written out, I make a chart. I find them so much easier to work with.

somebody posted a picture of theirs, if that helps?

I really think I’m going to have to chart this tank, once i get it figured out, so I can mark off the rows. I’m doing!!

Doesn’t ring a bell, but if you want suggestions on how to do it, feel free.

yes please!!! :slight_smile:

would you do it by hand? I think doing it on the puter would be MORE tedious, but much easier to read…:slight_smile:

I’ve done it both ways. I have a program that allows you to make charts, but I find a pencil and graph paper easier, somehow–I don’t have to work within the confines of the computer’s symbols and can make up ones that are meaningful to me.

I just go from right to left on the chart, pencil in hand, and use one box for each stitch. For stockinette I leave the boxes blank, and I know that the front in knit and the back in purled. For cables I draw a slash over the number of stitches it takes in the direction the cable will go. YO’s are a circle, and if there is a part that has a variety of knits and purls, I write k and p in the boxes.

Any other decreases or increases, I either use a symbol that other charts have used or make up one that’s relevant to me and make a little key.

The thing to remember, though is that when you chart out something like a k2tog, you put that symbol in one box, since you chart what you end up with, not what you used to get there.

That’s why a yo has it’s own box, even though it doesn’t use a stitch. Even a double or triple decreases ends up with one stitch, so the symbol takes up one box.

most most helpful!!! :slight_smile: thank you very much…the part about the decreases in one box is invaluable!!! :slight_smile:

hi heather. is [color=red]this[/color] the post you’re looking for? rebecca was kind enough to include a link to her chart pic, she’s the second to last reply. ~ valerie

Nope…lol…the mystery continues!!! :slight_smile:

this was actually a screen shot of the masterpiece. :slight_smile:

wonder if I dreamt it…