Chart Trouble

I’m confused with a chart. I have done a few rows of an afghan in the Comfort Afghans book that uses only Berroco comfort yarn. The pattern is simply called Aran. It starts out on the wrong side. The pattern says: “Work 6sts in garter stitch(pm),*work 5sts from A, pm, 24sts from B,pm, 5sts from A,pm, 24sts from C, pm; repeat from * 4 times more, pm, work 5sts from A, pm, work 6sts in garter stitch.” My question is do I reverse this pattern on right side rows and instead of working the 24sts in B work the 24sts for C? Basically what I want to know is on the RS rows should the pattern go: 6sts in garter, 5sts from A, 24sts from C, 5sts from A, and 24sts from B?

This has really been confusing me because when I look at what I have done the aran part does not look right. I really hope this makes sense and someone can help me!

Does the chart show RS and WS rows? Usually a chart starts on the RS rows, BTW, so does it specifically say to begin it on the WS or you think you do from where you are?

The pattern says to start on the WS. It is numbered to where the WS rows are odd and the RS rows are even.

Then you begin the charts with Row 1 which is a RS row. The next row you’d do R 2 of the charts and you’d do them the reverse of the order you did R 1. From the RS they’d be


Thank you! That helps so much!:muah: