Chart Reading

I am a beginner knitter and I am attempting to knit the Heart Sachet available as a free pattern on This is my first chart and I am completed confused about which direction I should read the chart. I don’t know if I should be reading the first row of this chart from left to right or right to left. Please help. I need all the help I can get. :slight_smile: -Ve

Here’s the general rule - the chart is usually showing you what the RS of the piece of knitting is going to look like. You have to follow the chart in a way that your finished piece will correspond to it.

So for a flat piece of knitting, you start at the bottom right and work your way to the left. For the second row, you’re going back in the opposite direction (on the WS), so you read it from left to right. But for knitting in the round, you go from right to left on every row, because you’re always working the RS.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck :slight_smile:

Remember to provide links when you can… congratulations on tackling something beside a scarf, that pattern is really pretty too! Okay with charts IN GENERAL the first row you knit is at the bottom, and it’s knitted right to left, the second row is the next one up and if you are knitting flat is read left to right (and backwards, that’s why symbols say ‘k on RS, p on WS’: both of those actions produce a purl bump on the wrong side of the work), and the even rows are the wrong side rows. Usually.

BUT in this particular case, they have not gone with the usual convention for charts. Do you see under the Notes section the pattern specifies that all the charts start with a wrong-side row? Make sure you always check the notes even when patterns look simple and clear… otherwise you are bound to screw up at some point. In fact, you should probably always read the pattern all the way through and make sure you understand what you are doing at every step and why, and what this adds to the item (except those times where you know what you are supposed to do but still don’t see how it gets you the item… hard to tell the difference, we’re always here to answer questions!).

So on chart A, the first row is the WS (as for all the charts in this pattern), and you should knit all the way across until you get to the last stitch, slip wyif as specified. Turn the work, the RS is now facing you, now ktbl, k8, the 2 decreases, k8, slwyif. Etc.

And post a photo when you are done, I want to see yours! I may have to knit this too…

Thank you ladies for all the helpful tips. Sorry, that I didn’t post a link. I’ll be sure to include that the next time. I started the piece last night. I had started knitting the first row from left to right and then realized “Hey, I might be going in the wrong direction.” So, I’m glad that I don’t need to redo that row, because knitting on the Backward Loop Cast-on is not easy. :slight_smile: How’s it work when I post a pic of my completed project? Is there a specific section where folks do that on this forum? BTW, if the heart turns out ok, I want to make a few and give them away for Christmas along with a scarf or other knitted item I may have made, because I read somewhere that lavendar repels moths. -Ve