Chart reading

I am making a pattern that has been translated

I am not sure of 1 of the stitches, It reads allow 1 st to drop and unravel to yo. at same time replace this st with eyelet stitch . I don’t understand the part to unravel to yo. When I look at the actual pattern it shows 2 knit stitches after till the next drop stitch. This is sleeve pattern front pattern is the similar. Pattern is from Fam Fatto Mano 252 Lang Yarns #28 252_028_001_D1 .

When you come to the drop stitch symbol, let that stitch slip off the left needle. Make sure you are dropping the correct stitch by following down the column to the yarn over. The dropped stitch will ladder down but stop when it comes to that yarn over.
After you drop the stitch, make a yarn over and sl1, k1, psso which will maintain the stitch count.

I love the look of this sweater! it’s a wonderful project.

Thanks for the quick response. It makes sense now. I am excited to start this sweater.

I’m sorry, @susieq29. I just reread my post and the yo, sl1, k1 psso occurs at the bottom end of the ladder when you create the yo. The slipped stitch at the top of the ladder (which actually starts the laddering) doesn’t have a yo etc following it. It’s just followed by knit sts.
I’m sorry for the confusion.

I understood the first explanation I don’t understand the second. The eyelet stitch is at the top of the column. So the first explanation seems right.

Ah, I was only looking at the chart and not the stitch explanation. You’re correct and the first explanation is the correct one. So much for second thoughts!

I always do that.

I have another question in the pattern 252-28 It calls for a drop stitch. Without a yo. Do I just let a stitch fall off the needle and knit the stitch under it. So I have same count of stitches on needle. If you look at chart above starting with 3rd row the - means drop stitch Rs k Ws p.The Purl rows are just knitting stitches as the face you. There is no pattern. I guess my question is how to do the drop stitch in this pattern?

Knit the drop sts on the RS and purl on the WS. The - is telling you that when you get to a later row, there’ll be the beginning stitch for the ladder. For now, just knit or purl that stitch. This is true for the straight ladders and for the zig zags

So I don’t drop any stitches just knit the stitch as a regular stitch. How does the ladder work? Does ladder form at the eyelet stitch where you unravel down to yarn over…

See this video should I do this first half of video

Yes, that’s right. When you do the eyelet stitch the dropped stitch will start to ladder down. You’ll probably have to encourage it by pulling a bit at the knit fabric. You could try this out on a swatch to see how it works.

So I have another question. When I get to row 13 I have the eyelet stitches. I drop 1 stitch then it says make eyelet stitch. Which is yo slip 1 knit 1 psso. If I drop one stitch and do eyelet stitch I am short a stitch each time I come to drop stitch and make eyelet. The pattern does not show this as happening. I should have 101 stitches on needle for front and back. When I finish row 13 I will be short 4 stitches,( There are 4 eyelet stitches) I think I figured it out I was suppose knit the first bar where I dropped stitch to maintain count then do an eyelet stitch…(yo slip1 knit 1 psso. Is that how you read this stitch. If I just do eyelet stitch I will be short one stitch the yo slip 1 knit 1 psso is decreasing 1 stitch. Which makes up for yo and not the drop stitch.

I agree that you would lose a stitch at each drop stitch/eyelet. I don’t know if this is intentional on the part of the designer or an error in the pattern. A note to Lang with this question will help here.
My tendency would be to do a yarn over to replace the dropped stitch and leave out the k1, slip, psso.

Thanks for the help

Lovely! You got it all to work perfectly.
If you haven’t blocked it yet, I think that blocking will open up those dropped sts beautifully.

I didn’t block it yet.

I didn’t block it