Chart question - would this work?

So I have a stitch chart for a letter in the alphabet that is 24 stitches wide and 32 rows high, and based on the gauge I have it would work out to be about 4.5" x 4" but with the piece I’m working on, I’d like the letter contained in the chart to be about double that size - so would this work:

what if I did two stitches for every one box in the chart and then two rows for every one row - would that double it effectively or could it get a little messed up?

anyone have experience with this?

I would probably draw it out on graph paper that way, just to make sure I included all the spaces properly, too. It will be easier to follow if you have a graph to work from, I think. Easier to keep track of what rows you did rather than trying to remember if the row you just knit was the first or second of that particular one. Proportionately, though, I think it would work.