Chart pattern

Please can someone help with this pattern, the start it is 12sts then the pattern panel, l am doing shaping raglan armhole. I have got to decreasing and l am not sure want I am doing wrong, Iam left with 2sts but when have to K2, k2tog I am decreasing in the panel and I am left with 2sts in front all the time.

I have cast off 4sts and doing shaping raglan armhole, I seam to be left with 2sts and I find that I have decrease in the pattern panel is this right. Please can you help me.

What is the name of your pattern and the source or pattern number?
It looks like the pattern is in stockinette stitch. After the cast off of 4sts on 2 succeeding rows, you dec 1 stitch at each end of every other row then every row for the raglan shaping.
Is there a pattern stitch panel other than the stockinette stitch?

Maybe this one?

That is the one I am knitting

Very nice. So you’ve cast off 4sts, knit across to the end of row, turned and cast off 4sts then purled to the end of row. When you turn to the knit side, k2, k2tog, knit to the last 4sts, sl1,k1,psso and finally k2. There shouldn’t be 2sts left on the row. Maybe if you post a photo of this part of your knitting we’ll be able to see where the leftover sts are.