Chart pattern

Thank you for help, have started the increase rows if I start the pattern with the increase sts I am row 38 do I begin the, S1F- K2,… Or K2- S1B. Not sure if iam looking at in the right way.
Please can you help me.

Where in the sweater are you, the front, sleeves? Are the increases at the beginning and end of the chart or are there edge sts on either side of the chart?

The pattern is asking me follow chart B, and if I right continue the first 6sts of the central pattern to row 48 for the sleeves. I have done increasing rows and have 4sts on both ends, So if I start to pattern this stitches where do I start my first increase stitch in the pattern.

If you have 4sts at each end which aren’t in the chart, work the increases in those sts. If not, skip the first and last cables and work the increases in those sts. When you have enough sts for a couple of edge sts and enough for the cable pattern, work the increased sts in the cable pattern.

Thank you for reply, However I am still not sure where I start the pattern row with the increase sts. Do start with the first or skip the first and start in the middle or end 3sts of the pattern.

Ideally you would have an edge stitch which isn’t on the charts. It could be the first increase stitch (maybe a knit front and back) at each edge. You would keep that edge stitch in stockinette and use it to seam the sleeve at the end. That would be easier than trying to seam a small cable stitch.

As an alternative, you could knit front and back on the edge st (first stitch on the chart) each time you need to increase. Of course you would also increase at the end of the row.
I would still skip the cable (the 2 stitch left leaning cable) at the edge for ease in seaming. If you do it this way, you would increase at the first and last stitch each time. For example on row 2 work an increase in the first stitch, k3, then work the right leaning cable. When you have enough increases to work the edge cable, then go ahead work it (say on row 10).