Chart pattern help

I’m knitting my first Fair Isle hat. I’ve been doing a pretty good job until I reached row 47, where I begin my decreases. I’m a bit confused reading the chart. I thought I was reading it correctly, but I ran out of stitches. I read row 47 as: gray yarn - knit 1 stitch, ssk, then knit 3; knit 6 purple, 4 gray, 6 purple, 4 gray; then at the end with purple yarn knit 4, then knit 2 together. But this adds up to 32 stitches when I only start with 30. I assume I’m reading it incorrectly, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You should begin with gray and K1, SSK, K2, change color.
You should end with purple and K3, K2Tog.

Remember that each decrease takes two stitches, even though this chart is only showing the decrease on the very first and very last stitch.

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Thank you so much! I was wondering if that’s what it means. Thank you!!

I have a follow up question! On row 52, for example, the last stitch in the row, which is a k2tog, is purple. The stitch before it is blue. When I knit those 2 stitches together, do I use purple or blue yarn? I’m guessing I use the color of yarn that is in the box with the symbol in it (in this case, purple) but I wanted to make sure.