Chart pattern converted to written pattern

Hi, There is a pattern in the magazine Knit 'N Style that I would love to knit for my sister, but it is in chart form. I am not comfortable with charts.
Is there a program or someone who is particularly good at converting chart to written patterns?
The pattern is the Mockingbird Shrug in the Dec. 09 edition. I want to do the beaded version…which is why I am intimidated to work with a chart for the first time.
Any suggestions would be welcome!
Thanks so much in advance!

Intwined Pattern Studio has a application that will go from chart to written or written to chart. You would have to duplicate the chart in the application and a written pattern is developed.

Misti International has a copy of the pattern in both chart and written form for $6.00.

For knitting, I prefer chart, for crochet, I prefer written. Mostly.