Chart newbie needs help with chart repeats

I am tackling my first mirror-chart lace shawl (Old Balustrade) and have knitted first round of body (22 rows). Directions say to repeat rows 15 to 22 unlimited number of times for body (on both sides of a center stitch). At end of 22 rows I have 23 sts (plus center and 2-stitch uncharted garter stitch border each side, making a total of 51 stitches). Row 15 has 17 stitches each side. There is no repeat (“red?”) section in the chart; unworked stitches are shown so Row 22 shows nothing unworked and Row 15 shows 3 each side.

Can anyone tell what I do on my first & subsequent repeats of row 15 (row 23)? I have 6 stitches left over on each side (exclusive of center and border stitches) after I tried to knit my second row 15/first Body repeat.

The pattern contains 3 separate charts for each of the Body, the Border (which is not the k2 border for the Body), and the Edging. There is also a “General View Chart” but it shows only one repeat of the body and most finished projects of this shawl I’ve viewed have added many repeats.

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Not the most straightforward chart at all. You’re right that it would help to have the repeat for the succeeding rows 15-22 outlined. I notice that in the Ravelry projects someone mentions that very thing.
You may be able to figure it out with the stitches in front of you. I’ll see if I can give it a try on the needles also. It should be a matter of keeping the centered double decreases and eyelets aligned every other row. Probably a repeat boxed up the center of the chart of 4sts (k1, yo, doubled dec, yo) with the edges as given rows 15-22.

ETA: Yes, that works. The stitch count that you need to look at is after completion of row 13. You have 15sts to start row 15. Now, for the repeat after row 22, you have 23sts. That would be the 15sts that you need to start row 15 plus two of the 4stitch repeats (k1,yo, doubled dec, yo). Add them in somewhere in the center of the chart, not at the end of the row.

I’ve tried several ways to chart out, rewrite and reknit this, all to no avail. Thanks for your advice re structuring but I’m throwing in the towel for now.

I now even found a second problem: Author says this is a top down pattern. But the way the body is charted and described doesn’t seem to match the General View Chart, which shows the body stitches as the bottom tip of the triangle. Sigh. I may have to give up on lace entirely.

The chart for this pattern is confusing but it’s not an uncommon method of charting lace. Only half the pattern is shown and the center and border sts are left out.
The chart is also deceptive as it appears to be worked from the tip to the widest part of the shawl but actually, because of the increases at the edges and center, it’s worked from the top center to the tip as described. You can try this out on a small sample with scrap yarn if you like by knitting stockinette with yarnovers on either side of a center stitch and 2 stitches in from the ends. You’ll see that the shape works out.
It might be good to pick a simpler lace project to start and put this aside for awhile. Sometimes coming back to a project makes everything clearer.

I hadn’t seen your last response when I wrote my own initial response. Your information was invaluable and I’m now near the middle of the edging. My own aha (after applying your advice) was that all I had to do was to just keep knitting as I had been when I got to the second chart! Thanks again.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that! I hoped that you’d eventually get back to the pattern. It isn’t an easy first lace or first chart but it sounds like you’re on your way.
I love Aha moments.