Chart maths help please

Thought this free pattern would give me some hands on practice with colour work, but I’ve only done the cast on and already have a question!

For the smallest size, cast on 198,
Later markers go in at each side at 99 stitches. Makes sense.
Chart M1 and M2 have arrows showing where to begin for the different sizes.
The Chart has 22 stitches across.
Smallest size starts 5 stitches from the left.
I believe I work these 5 then move to the beginning of the same row and work the full 22, yes?
5 + 22 = 27
This would be repeated across the row/round
But with 198 on the needles and each side being 99 stitches how does this fit??
Surely I need a chart of 33 repeated 3 times each side? (Or 6 times in the round of 198)

The first 8 rows are stockinette for a turned hem before the Chart begins, but I don’t want to go ahead with this if the number are incorrect.
Is there something I have got wrong or I’m just missing something?

I keep counting the chart stitches over and over wondering what I’m getting wrong.

If you start at stitch 5 then repeat sts 1-22 twice the design will end up approximately centered in the front at stitch 22.
(5+22+22 is about half of 99)
Then continue with the 1-22 repeat to the side marker. The side will end without completing a full repeat of 22 sts. The pattern wants you to begin again with stitch 17 so the motif will center on the back as well. If you don’t care whether the back motif centers, you could begin on stitch 5, repeat sts 1-22 and continue across the second side marker to the beginning of round at the first side. That would be 9 full repeats of 22sts.

That’s a lovely color pattern to work and a beautiful top.

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Thank you for trying to help me.
I see when I made one error already which is very useful. I had made the mistakemthijkjnbnthagnthe chart was 27 excuse I was adding those 5 extra stitches on but those 5 stitches are just once.
Thank you.

I don’t fully understand all though.
At the beginning of the round and first marker the charted colourwork work begins and will run for 93 stitches, there will be 6 stitches unaccounted for.
Do I work those in the background colour?

Then at the second marker begin the chart again, another 93 stitches and 6 uncharted.

So, is the side of the top NOT at the markers but actually at the centre of those 6 uncharted stitches?

The markers are at the side edges because the underarm bind off begins after the first marker, continues with a bind off at the second marker and finishes the bind off at the first marker.

Begin with the 5 sts at the left of the chart, work 4 repeats of sts 1-22 and then work the remaining sts as an incomplete repeat starting at stitch 1-6. Then the pattern has you begin again at stitch 5 to center the repeat on the back. That’s what I meant by saying you’ll continue the front without completing a full repeat. It’s not very satisfying with the pattern jog at the markers but that’s the design.

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Thank you. I will reread this several times and let it sink in. I’m scratching my head over where the sides are and where the underarm bind off takes place but if I glare at it a bit more I might get it.

And I thought this was the easy option whilst I doodle around with my own design ha ha!

Just wanted to come back to say the chart is working out pretty well.
I’m glad I asked you for guidance before I started though as I was going to follow it incorrectly.

There is not much of a jog in it. The way its designed mostly avoids obvious jogs in the pattern with it starting again at each side, less obvious jogs than I was expecting which is a pleasant surprise. The worst part is actually the single rows of a single colour where it jogs at the beginning of the next round, I know there is a way to avoid this but I didn’t think of it at the time and don’t mind much as this is a bit of a rough and ready piece anyway with the way I’m knitting.