Chart maker- Updated See the Illusion chart I made

Found this really neat chart maker program:cheering:
You can download a free trail for 30 days:woohoo:
Just thought I’d share:teehee:
This is the lady that made it and you can go to web site to see what it does and download free trail

Does it have the ability to generate charts from pictures? (say, if I want a Boston Red Sox logo…)

Hilde it doesn’t do that,just charts you make up yourself.I changed the site to the woman who made the Chartmaker and she explains it better

Doe it change any kind of pattern in different gauges and yarn.


It’s not a pattern maker it’s a chart maker so it lets you design something to add to your pattern that you already have. Like a fair isle or intarsia design, or cables, etc.

On another note…I downloaded the trial and installed it, but it had a problem and reverted to an expired trial so I never got to see it. Ugh.

Jan did you try to download it from the new site I added in the first thread?

I think so…I clicked that link and then where it says ‘external download mirror’… is that what you did? Not sure it would work again since it now thinks I have already tried. it. :??

I put up a new download web site to the maker of the Chartmaker.Try this
Good luck:teehee:

Same exact problem happened with that one. I chose Vista, but maybe it doesn’t work well with it. It keeps making it an expired trial version.:shrug: I emailed them so we’ll see what they say.

I bought this Chartmaker and it is pretty cool.I charted out the word baby to put on a blanket and it worked great. It will add knitting signs for you ,numbers or colors or both.You can make your own chart paper too.I’m gonna try a Illusion chart next. I’m glad I bought it:cheering:

Oh neat! Anna Banana is my LYS! :slight_smile:

You’ll have to tell her I’m enjoying mtynew toy.:woohoo:
I even made a chart of a dog.I can even take a written pattern and turn it into a chart if I want.

This is a page of my Illusion chart for my Special Olympics scarf I made on this new program.I made the chart so simple ANYONE can read this without written instructions.:woohoo:

I know you don’t like to leave the site but could not get it big enough for you to read.Sorry

That’s neat! Wish I could have gotten it to work. I still have my other chart maker trial that works though. :thumbsup: