Chart knitting help

My supervisor at work asked me to knit his wife a purse with the New York Giants logo on it. I told him I would look into it. So what I need help with is if anyone knows of where I could find the logo online in a chart format. Any help would be great.

You can try to download a logo

Seriously, good luck. I wanted to duplicate stitch the Red Sox logo on the back of a wool soaker and couldn’t get the knitPro to cooperate. So I Googled my fingers to the bone and ultimately found one online in someone’s blog that she had created. She didn’t share it with me, but did offer me advice on how to create it.

Knitty has this article which works, but the result was too blocky for my taste. So the soaker was gifted with a bare behind.

Cross-stitch charts for major league logos are available online for purchase. I didn’t go that route yet, but will in the future.