Chart Help

I have a pattern for a sweater that uses a chart that has me a bit confused. Some background for you: The sweater has a fairly low v-neck and is worked in the round from the bottom up. When you get to the v-neck though, it is worked flat (side to side) and you keep “losing” stitches on the ends to make the ‘V’. What I want to know is do I cast off those “lost” stitches?

Here is the pattern location

and its the Neckline Decrease Chart I’m having issues with. When you look at the chart you see that it starts with 29 stitches and drops one off each end every couple rows. Are those cast off?

Thanks so much for your help on this!

By the looks of the diagrams the stts on the right are decreased by using ssk (there is a great tutorial on this site for both decreases–purple tabs above-) and the stts on the left are k2tog.

Both of the decreases should be made on the right side of your knitting.
And kudos for the pattern pick, I think I may have to addd that to my to-do list :thumbsup:

Ahh, that makes soo much sense. I’m still really new to charts so the diagram kinda through me off but it’s all clicked in now.

Thank you so much for the help.

And yeah, it’s looks like such a fabulous sweater I just had to try it! :wink:

You are welcome & Good Luck!!! :knitting:

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to starting it. I ordered some yarn but its on back order :’( Hopefully it gets here soon!!