Chart help!

I’m pretty familiar with working charts but this one isn’t making sense to me. It’s a raglan pattern and I have 12 stitches in this section to work. However, the chart says to m1pL and then p3 and that’s it. It doesn’t say to work and turn, and doesn’t continue with instructions to work after that part of the chart is completed. So what do I do with the remaining stitches on my needle? Help!

Pictures are attached. I’ve completed the neckline and have the highlighted number of stitches in each section. The part I need help with is Raglan Row 1 (RS) which is highlighted under that. I’ve also included a picture of the chart and highlighted the part I need help with. I had no issues with the left side since the number of stitches on my needle matched the number to work in the chart but the Right side doesn’t make sense to me since I have 9 unworked stitches left and don’t know what to do with them.

Thank you in advance!


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It’s not quite the way you expect the chart to be plotted but you turn after working row 1 of the chart. Work row 2 left to right. The turn is indicated at the beginning of row 2 rather than the end of row 1.
What is the name of your pattern?

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Thank you for the welcome! :slight_smile:

It’s Sakayuki (little) by Marianne Munier.

That makes SO much sense! Most of the charts I’ve been working lately have been in the round and this is of course flat so I totally forgot that the next line would be worked right to left. Thank you! I was going crazy and of course it’s something that simple!

That’s darling. Thank you for the link. I’ve added it to my favorites.
Usually right to left on RS rows and left to right on WS rows.

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Thank you! It is a lovely pattern.