Chart help please


firstly apologies for not posting in ages its just been manic here with christmas etc.

i did post this earlier, but somehow i can’t find where i posted it, so if you have read this, sorry, oops

i have been trying on and off to learn to do follow a chart.

i have been trying to knit a tom and jerry jumper for my 4 year old son. its gotten to the pont i have tried to knot it from scratch 4 times and have now given in and knitted it plane.

i desperatly want to knit this for him as he loves tom and jerry.

does anyone know a simple chart i can follow so i can practise, i am thinking that the chart may be a little had to learn from.

anyone help please

susi :knitting:

See if you can find some thing here
Just click on the picture for the chart

those are great, theer are some really fun and simple charts to have a go at; if i can’t do those i give in hehe

thanks again