Chart has numbers on all sides and all rows?

Newbie here!

I’m trying to knit a hat in the round. This chart has me thoroughly confused. All the instructions tell me about this chart is to work it three times. I’ve never read a pattern before as I am certain that you lovely folk can tell, and I would love your help!

Is this a pattern for flat knitting, or in the round? And how do I read it? And do those darker lines mean repeats?

Thank you!

Do you have a name or link to the pattern or picture of the FO?

Right off I’d say the lines are just to aid in counting and keeping your place.

Because it has every even row worked plain makes me think it might be set up for flat but it should be no problem doing in the round.

Hello! Thanks for the quick response!

This is the pattern link.

Let me know if there is more information that you might require. I’m very new to knitting and to this community and I don’t wish to be in breach of the rules of pattern posting accidentally!

Many, many thanks.

I’d say the lines are just for counting. Numbers all around are also to make following lines easier.

It says it’s knit in the round.

Beautiful. Thank you.

So, as I am brand new to knitting - may I confirm?

To knit in the round, I read each row from right to left?

And round knitting charts only showcase the right side only?

And finally, do you observe any repeat sections in the chart? If not, is there a reason for some of the lines to be bold?

Thank you so much for your time and patience.

That chart is written right to left like the numbers count (I usually get backwards of what my charts show because I don’t set them up like that). I don’t think it would matter.

Only the right side is shown (as it is on every chart I’ve seen).

From what I see on the hat and what I see on the chart the only repeat is the whole chart. I’m not sure why some lines are bold and some aren’t.


I have the pattern, it must have been offered for free at some point.

Notice that each box is 5 sts X 5 rows. That can help make counting easier, as already stated. The bold lines are also good for helping with counting and seeing exactly where you are on the chart.

Your cast on is 104 sts. The chart is 26 sts, 104/26=4, That means that you will work across the chart and go back to the beginning of that row of the chart another 3 time per round. You can use stitch markers to separate whatever portion or portions you choose, that is one after every 26 sts or other spots that seem logical to you. That can help to see where you are in the chart too. Keep count of your rounds - I like to use a stitch marker that I advance one stitch each time I come to it but whatever works for you. Mark off either on the chart or somewhere else when you finish a row so at a glance you know where to pick it up again when you come back. That’s all I can think of now.

You can do this! If you run into problems be sure to ask. Just don’t let yourself get too frustrated with it. Even something pretty simple when you do it the first time can be challenging.