Chart confusion!

Hiddy Ho!
I have bravely taken on my first chart-based lacy-ish pattern and have hit a point of confusion.
This is the link to the beautiful sweater pattern I’m working on:
I’m at the part to start the neckline decrease rows 1-14, which is displayed in the large chart. The chart shows 29 sts on the first row, with 6 sts marked out as the “repeat pattern”. I’m not sure how to apply this. Do I work just 29 sts and turn to continue the 14 rows, or do I repeat the whole pattern for the full length of the row, 91sts? And does the section in the red box have any applied significance? Help please!!!

You repeat the sts over and over until you’re 12sts from the end of the row then do the sts on the left side of the repeat pattern. And there’s 30 sts shown on the first row - 12 on either side of the 6 st repeat

Yup! Work the stitches up to the read, then repeat what’s in the red until you have only enough stitches for what’s to the left of it.

:cheering: Yah! I can continue knitting now! Thanks!!!