Chart coloring

I am doing a Illusion scarf and ran a picture off on Knit-Pro and was wondering if I follow the LIGHT shades for the pattern or just follow the dark shades?Guess I just don’t understand why knit-pro made it with the lighter shades.The bottom picture is the one I used in knit-pro to make the chart.:eyes::doh:

I’ve had this problem myself with knitpro. It looks like you would do all the stitches, light and dark.

I was trying to get a chart on knit pro for a stocking, and just couldn’t get it to be clear enough. So I found some knitting graph paper and printed it onto a transparency and layed that on my picture. It worked out great!

Thanks Ingrid,what a good idea!!!Where did you get the transparency paper and is it a special kind for computers?

It’s just the kind of transparency that you get from an office supply store–the kind that are used for overhead projectors. I didn’t realize that my printer would copy onto it, but when I found out it could, I was elated. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time, so when I have a few minutes, I’m going to make several in different gauges.:thumbsup: