Chart added to hat pattern?

Ok, I would love to make my DBF a hat. I know he would love one with a horde symbol on it. I found a chart (can’t figure out how to attach it!. it was pdf dowload only! on Rav) I want to use this pattern.

How do I do this!? also, How do I read a chart?!


I can not difinitively answer all your questions, but I will do the best I can. To read/knit a chart you start on the right and knit across to the left. (So that the stitches go onto your right needle as you read them off of the chart.) It makes much more sense as you do it. As to adding the chart, I can make a guess as to what I would do. Knit up however far you want the bottom of your chart to start. Then add a stitch marker (I’m thinking you could just use the one marking the beginning of your row.) and begin the chart. When you finish the first row of the chart, just go back to the regular pattern, until you get to the marker again, then do the next row, and so on. (And because I am just that way, I would add a marker to make sure I finished the chart in the same place each time, especially if you are switching colors in there.)

Hope that helps some. I am sure someone with more expertise and a better way of explaining will come along a give you a better answer!

charts can be a bit tricky in-the-round. you cant do intarsia in the round so have to do some other method such as stranding which doesn’t always work for single motifs liek you want.

sorry im not much help but thats all i know.

She’s right. A chart in-the-round is difficult, even with stranding. If you’re using two colors and both colors are carried across the entire chart, then it can be done, but the directions would be confusing without a specific pattern to refer to.

If you work the hat back and forth and seam it up, then you can do any design.