Charlie Vest

Is anyone familar with the Charlie Vest by Knit 1 Crochet too?
I have the pattern and would like to make it, but I want to make it shorter and I am sure there is more to doing this then lessening the first cast on stitches. It is worked from right front to left front, one piece. And you do add stitches to allow neck line and shoulders to form.
If anyone might know, please let me know and I will give you as much info as I can from the pattern.
Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
This one, right?

There doesn’t look like there any shaping from the cast on edge until you get to the waist. read thru the directions and check that - if there isn’t any, then cast on the number it says and just knit a shorter length until you start the waist shaping (assuming there is waist shaping - it’s a little hard to be sure from the pic).

If it is just knit around until you get to the underarm area, just knit to the length you want it to be from the underarm to the bottom.

Marilyn, the patterns cast on edge is the left front and from what I see any increases are done at the shoulder areas. So, from what your saying I can just make the co shorter and still follow the other increase directions and nothing but the length should be affected.

Oh, hey! I just noticed you are Marilynn, too - but slightly different spelling then me!!

Anyway, I was assuming it was knit from the bottom up but now realize it’s sideways. Yes, you are correct, you won’t cast on as many stitches since you don’t want it as long as the pic. If you want it say, 6" shorter, figure out how many stitches are in 6" and remove that many from your cast on row. All the directions for the other end of thw row you’ll want to keep the same.

Marilyn, yes for some reason my mom put two n’s on the end of my name, and my whole life people have been trying to correct it for me. She also name her daughters with Mar names like Marilynn and Marlene and hers was Marcella. Cute
But thank you for the reply, I have my gauge set and I figured out how many stitches per inch, and I have my yarn, so now I can go and start this. Thanks:woot: