Charlie brown sweater?

:?? My grandson wants a charlie Brown sweater, has anyone ever seen a pattern for this little sweater. He is 6 yrs. old.

Here is a pattern for it!
It’s a smaller size than you need, but I think the pattern could easily be modified to fit a 6 year old.

Here is another pattern, larger size.

Yeah, there’s a couple, I saw a picture today. But I can’t find it again; I think it may have been just a generic pattern with a strip across the chest. And that seems to be what other people did when I searched for one.

I did find a pattern that someone made for herself. The picture’s not available however. You might be able to use half the sts and rows and figure it out from there. And also, here’s a link to a ZigZag chart
And another sweater

Love the ZIG ZAG chart, Sue! Thanks! :thumbsup:

I am not good at modifying patterns, will check out the other pattern and I have to thank you so much. Off I go to read the info on the site you mentioned.