Charleston, SC LYS

:waving: Hey Everybody,
I’ve a question for ya’ll. Is anyone familiar with Charleston, SC? If so, do you know of any LYS…and…if yes to this, my DH would like directions from highway 17, please. We are actually going to Charleston for his b-day, but a :x: must stop in & have a look at the local talent, yes?! We’ve been there a couple of times and loves it, a beautiful town, he has a couple of places that he would like to check out for his hobbies and I for mine. He is a bit familiar with Charleston, which is why we are asking for directions from highway 17…a BIT familiar (me, I pay NO ATTENTION because before I was a knitter I read, now…I :XX: ). Thanks for your help!! I :heart: going to new LYS almost as much as I :heart: for my DH to go to his hobby stores for his b-day :smiley: .

Well I’m not familiar with Charleston, but instead of trying to give you directions to somewhere I’ve never been before, your best bet would probably be somewhere like Mapquest, or even Google Earth, to give you driving directions. Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks, but hate mapquest, it sends you around your elbow to get to your thumb, as my dad used to say…lol! Thanks, tho! :smiley:


I’m on the run today, so I don’t have time to look for it, but in the last couple weeks someone asked the same question. You should be able to find the thread without too much digging. There are a couple LYS in the oldtown area of Charleston and there is one in Mt. Pleasant. If you’re going out to the one in Mt. Pleasant, I would call them to get exact directions, they have some side streets that are hard to find. And after you go to that LYS, pop out to Sullivan’s Island, it’s beautiful over there. If you can’t find the thread, google “Charleston yarn store.”

Thanks, Sara,
I just found it :smiley: