Charity Knitting

[color=red][b]Being a new knitter I don’t know much about organizations and being only two years here, know less about Vancouver BC charities …

My 16 year old daughter (usually complete with attitude) is on about the same page as me with knitting know-how … I mentioned to her that I would like to knit baby blankets and donate them to a shelter, hospital, etc. … she surprised me by saying “oh I’d like to do that too!” … can anyone tell me places that one could knit for in the Vancouver area? I am not proficient enough yet to do sweaters, hats or mittens and I think my daughter would feel good about doing something for babies/children in need and blankets are something she could do … especially if she herself could TAKE it to the place and hand it over to them … I think it’s great that she has taken an interest … we moved here from Newfoundland two years ago so she was uprooted from everything she knew to a whole new way of life. She hasn’t really taken any interest in anything that interests me till now.

I hear there is Afghans for Afghans too (do I have the name right?)


Oh boy…there are soooo many charities it’ll make your head spin. :teehee: Here’s a few I’ve knit for:

Afghans for Afghans
Knit for Kids
Caps to the Capitol (ends Jan 2nd)

I don’t have anything specifically for your area, but if you don’t want to mail items you could contact a local hospital and ask about chemo and preemie hats. Also your LYS may have information as well.

Here’s some other links I have bookmarked.
Snuggles Project
Knitting for Charity list from Daily Knitter
Knitting for a Better World


I have become interested in Charity Knitting lately too. For some ideas you could look for the book Knitting for Peace- it profiles many good charities and includes patterns, most of which are pretty simple. Many charities are American based, but many also include other countries.

For blankets specifically there is
This is to make Security blankets for kids in crisis. The founder actually got permission from Charles Schultz to call it Project Linus.
When you go to their page, click under states and at the bottom is a link to a Canadian chapter- or you can start your own local chapter. The site gives the details. Linus blankets can be knitted, crochet, or sewn quilts.

Good luck! I hope this turns into a good project for you and your daughter.

If there is a women’s shelter in your area I am sure they have moms with babies who would love blankets or even baby washcloths. I think being able to take her gifts to the place they will be used will be very special for your daughter. How about “bean bags” for older children??

[color=red][b]What are bean bags Debbie?


:slight_smile: Two knitted squares about 4" each … stitch 3 sides together, fill with beans … stitch up 4th side. Used to play “tossing” games, or just to throw up in the air and catch.

Don’t know about you guys, but where I come from, bean bags are much bigger than that, and we use them to sit in… might take a while to knit, but what a cool idea! :teehee:

:rofl: :rofl: THAT kind of bean bag would be a HUGE project !!! Talk about neverending…

At the hospital my girls were born in, all babies come home with little knitted hats, I have put them in a memory box for them as keepsakes for when they grow up. What I did was I called that hospital and asked them about knitting the newborns hats. I ended up talking to the Pink Ladies (retired ladies that volunteer at the hospital) and they sent me the instructions for making the hats and blankets. VERY EASY! I want to at least make 3 hats and maybe blankets in a way to replace the ones given to my girls. That is what I would suggest, call the hospitals and see if they have guidelines/instructions to make hats and or blankets.

I like the idea for the womans shelter, I am sure with winter coming (or here), there are some moms who could use something for their little ones.

Good luck and enjoy knitting for charity!

Many animal shelters use “blanket” knitted of washable wool or acrylic to put in the bottoms of cages. Usually 12" X 12" or 15" X 15" . If your daughter is an animal-lover, that might interest her.

I knew I was forgetting one! Thanks losnana for reminding me of the cat beds I have made! I have made 4 out of really old acrylic that my old neighbor gave me and I used 2 different yarns at the same time. I just held onto the yarns and knit the squares on size 13 needles. Also a very easy project to do.

[b]I actually found the “Snuggles” project on a page that I was given that lists the various charities … they do have some shelters here in Vancouver who are members of the Snuggles project so I’m sure Alanna would love that … she loves animals … we have two Bullmastiffs, she grew up with Bull Terriers and is always wanting to visit the SPCA … only problem there is you want to bring home everything you see … she had to leave her horse in Newfoundland and there is a shelter for horses that accepts Snuggles …

Is there anything to keep in mind when knitting for dogs and cats? Any particular type yarn or pattern? I guess something that’s not too open so nails can’t get caught.


I think the big thing to remember is that the shelters/Humane Societies will probably want the blankets to be washable. When I make them, I cast on (with acrylic yarn), 35 stitches and then knit so that it looks like a big square. Then I bind off and done! Very easy and I am sure the animals and the people at the shelters appreciate them.

[color=red][b]I’m going to mention it to Alanna … I’m sure she will love to make those as she can straight knit … she finds purling a bit awkward … and the Surrey SPCA is very near us so she can deliver them herself.