Charity Knitting

Do you Knit for Charity? I am becoming more interested in this use for knitting and wonder what others think/do.

I have been wanting to knit preemie hats since my dd spent some time in the NICU-just haven’t gotten around to it. My big reason for wanting to do this was because I saw some babies get little bitty hats knit and crochet and she didn’t :pout: so I wanted to make some so that every preemie could have one-just haven’t done so yet. I did knit for my cousins preemie twins and some of the hats didn’t fit so I told her to give to the other babies in the NICU. does that count?

I knit Animal Snuggles for my local animal shelters when we go out to the movie theater. I can knit (and only knit!!!) in the dark so I just make garter stitch squares, but the cats love them, and that is what matters! :heart:

Yes, I love to knit for charity. My favorites are the Mother Bear Project and Caps to the Capital. Knitting for Peace is a great book that talks about some of the knitting charities out there and has patterns for them.

SabrinaJL, I got Knitting for Peace for Christmas, it is very inspirational.

I am trying to finish my red scarf that I have been working on for some time for the Red Scarf Project which is my first charity endeavor.

After reading about it I’ve decided to try making bears for the Mother Bear Project too; I’m glad to hear you have made bears for them too.

Most of my knitting has gone for charity, but I do some stuff for myself and family/friends.

I got knitting for peace out of the library. I’m thinking I’ll buy it when it goes on sale. I’m the knitting guru for my local stitch n bitch and we often will make lots o hats and scarves and stuff and donate them to a local shelter. I also knit some baby hats for hospitals and I want to so some caps to the capital cahrity. The latest peace action knitting is this one which is knitting paper cranes for peace. You can find the pattern here

I do chemo and watch caps. I along with some friends knit squares for afghans for children undergoing chemo and radiation. I also do squares for Warm up America, and I’m going to start knitting stuff for Women Agaisnt Abuse.

Nadja xxx has it for $10 right now. I paid $20 for mine at a local bookstore.

Just mailed out nine baby hats for Caps to the Capital. I’m working on my third sweater for Guideposts Knit for Kids:

Wow, aren’t knitters a giving group of people!
At this moment the poll shows that 25% of responders knit for Charity “frequently”!
A total of 36% knit for charity at least once a year to “sometimes”.
Another 35% would like to knit for charity. My suspicion is that lack of time is the major culprit for those people.
And lets not forget those who knit for friends and family because that is nice to do and I suspect we all make gifts for people we know.


Does knitting a chemo cap for my roommate’s friend count? Otherwise… its further down on my list but still there, I’d like to make some hats for chemo patients as charity work.

This was my first year doing so (Caps for the Capital). I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do next year: same charity or switch it up from year to year.

I’ve knit LOTS of hats and booties for Threads of Love, as well as caps for Caps to the Capital, and a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007

Oh my gosh! Such tiny booties!! :passedout:

We have an awesome group at my school called KnitWits- they have a big stash of donated yarn and supplies, and you can go get all the yarn you want, knit whatever warm stuff you want to in however long it takes you, and then bring it back, and they give it to the spring break volunteers to give to people who need it. It’s tres cool. :slight_smile: When I give stuff away, it’s usually to them.

I am currently knitting a prayer shawl for our local hospice. We have a Sip n Stitch group at our church (they knit, crotchet or quilt together - they meet on Mondays, which means I can’t make it, but I borrow their knitting patterns often :teehee: )…and they found out that the local hospice is desperate for this kind of thing.

Many of the people in hospices are there because they don’t have family or have been abandoned by theirs (not all, but a significant percentage). They are desperate for any show of love.

One of the nurses said that many of her patients ask to wear their shawls when they are dying…it makes them feel like they mattered to someone.

The prayer shawls are not neccessarily connected with any relious association…it’s just the name of the pattern.

I am working on an all cream one now.


They are definitely teensy-weensy! They are intended for a premature baby that weighs just over one pound. Aren’t they adorable?

Here’s the pattern: