Charity Knitting Patterns

Thanks for mentioning my website. Here is the preemies page if any of you want patterns to make for the tiniest little ones.

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Excelent designs will use for my next charity! Thank you again!

I’ve been using Bev’s site for about a year now. What I like is that the patterns are no nonsense. The patterns are great for charity, quick gifts, or a quick knit if you need something like mittens in a hurry. A lot of times I don’t need something with fancy stitches or cables. It just needs to be functional. If you’re a new knitter, check Bev’s site out. She’s got her own tried and true patterns as well as great links to other sites. Her premie patterns will fit because she and other knitters checked it out with neo natal intensive care units. She also has a great measurements section where you can get the right sizes for everybody–man, woman, child, babies, and premies.

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In case you haven’t heard, the military has come up with fire resistant helmet liners and is no longer accepting knit ones for distribution to the troops. Of course, you could still make them for someone you know, but since the new ones the military is giving out are fire resistant, I would not want to give a hand knit one to anyone I know. I would want the safety of the goverment issued ones for my friends and loved ones.

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Thank you for the kind words, my new friend. :heart:

I’m SOOOO bad about not blogging enough. I guess I should put something in my calendar to remind me to do blog posts at least once a week or so. :hiding:

I’m planning on going to the bookstore this weekend, to look at new knitting magazines. So, I’ll probably post something on my regular knitting blog, as well as my Plus Size Knitting blog.

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I love this pattern because it’s simple and elegant. It’s easy enough for charity, but lovely enough to give your best friend’s baby. I prefer making the smallest size because it gets a little heavy, but that’s just me.


I can’t wait to try this pattern for teenage new moms on a reservation in the northern USA. It looks like it will slip over a baby’s bigger head without discomfort.

Thanks Bev, great site.

The first one by Lion Brand Charity Knitting Patterns is not available. I did sign up for Lion Brand newsletter.