Charity Knitting Links


Philly Care Caps is another charity knitting and crocheting site. We are looking for crafters from all over the country (and Canada, too, if you don’t mind shipping it to PA).

We’re looking for people to make and donate chemo caps for children. The people range from newborns to mid-twenties, so there’s a wide range of possibilities!


Charity is great for the mind! Great links! Thank you so much for this list!


They accept 8 inch squares, sweaters, hats, vests, socks and more. They supply them to orphaned children in South Africa.

They accept lap afghans for seniors that need comfort. They are supplied to nursing homes and home care patients.

[B]Online Angels[/B]:
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They accept a variety of different sized squares, hats, baby items, afghans, winter items, slippers and more.
[B]The Preemie Project[/B]-



Here’s one I just posted about in a seperate thread:

They collect knitted and crocheted sweaters, blankets and infant caps and then ship them out here in the USA and all over the world to needy kids!!!



If any of you members of clubs, here’s a thought from our Horticultural Society’s schedule. Each Spring show there’s a craft section as well as the expected flowers, preserves etc., and we have a competition to knit for the local Prem Baby unit. We have one pattern - last year it was a blanket, this year a wee jacket. The Society provide the pattern and wool, the completed garments are judged and then all of them are sent of to snuggle the babes.:happydance:


My name is David James, and I represent #Peytonheartproject. We distribute small knit or crocheted hearts to people with an affirmation attached. The hearts are either placed in public for people to find, or handed out to them. The project is named after my always 13 year old son Peyton James who took his life in October of 2014 after years of bullying and harassment at school because he was perceived as different. The purpose is to let people know that there is some on out there that cares about them. The original idea was to hand a heart to every incoming freshman at a local high school to help ease the transition, and to remind them that there are people out there that care. However, the idea has taken off, and we are in need of people to make the hearts. If anybody out there wants to help, please let us know. Thank you.


Very good idea!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
I’d like to participate but I haven’t yarn at this time!
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