Charity Knitting Help Needed

My name is David James, and I represent the organization #PeytonHeartProject. We are on Facebook, but i cannot post the libnk on here.
It is a small group of people that leave knitted hearts with inspirational messages in public places for people to find. It started as the inspiration of Jill Kubin of Morristown, New Jersey. She wanted to present every incoming freshman at Morristown High School with their own heart to let them know that some one out there cared for them, thus making the transition to high school easier. She asked me if she could name it after my 13 year old son, Peyton James, who took his life in October of 2014 after years of bullying and harassment at school. Now that the idea is growing, we find ours lives in need of more hearts. If you would be willing to help, please contact me at In addition, there is also a PDF file with the affirmations that we put on each of the hearts. I can email it to you if you wish. Just contact me at Thank you.

Do you have a blog you could link to? Or even your facebook page? If you copy and paste the web address even isn’t as a link those that want to check them out can then copy from your post and paste in their web browser.

The Facebook Page is