Charity knitter groups?

How can I find groups that accept hand-knitted things for charity in my area?? Every so often I knit up a bunch of lap blankets and would like to know who needs them the most near me.

I also make baby blankets
baby hats

Any ideas of how to find groups??

Thanks, knitcindy

My stepmom gives crocheted blankets to a disabled vets I think. :??

You might try googling charity and your zip code.

I donate to Care Wear volunteers
They have a list of hospitals, nursing homes etc. that are looking for handmade items. There are sure to be some in your area. There’s also a pretty wide range of items to make including blankets, hats, booties, chemo caps and many more. The website even includes patterns and ideas for other kinds of items.

Knots of Love’s primary goal is to brighten the lives of those in need with kindness and love. All Knots of Love creations are given free of charge to people who are battling cancer or other life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Making caps and brightening the lives of people who are suffering from the ravages of cancer is such a small thing to do, but the results have made a big impact on the patients. The number of treatment centers we send caps to has grown tremendously in two years, and I am contacted daily by medical institutions from coast to coast for caps. People of all ages are in need of love, kindness and support as they wage the fight of their lives.

Knots of Love brings together patients, volunteers and families. The organization equally helps those making the caps and the patients who receive them.