Charity blanket squares

I’m running out of ideas for my charity blanket squares, any ideas?:shrug:

What kind of squares are you making? What size? What kind of yarn? Where are the blankets going?

the sqaures are 6x6 in, made out of acrylic worsted yarn, and i haven’t quited decided where its going yet.

I would just look on Google for
"6 inch square knitting pattern -crochet -ebay"

You’ll probably find a lot of patterns that way.
Good luck!

tried that, but didn’t find anything:shrug:

do you know of any stitch patterns i can use?

When I was knitting squares for the VT healing blankets I used several dishcloth patterns. They might be a little big for your project but you could probably modify them. I really like thisfree stitch directory too. It even has a page describing how to work the stitch patterns within your needs. The directory has a ton of great patterns I had never seen. I hope they can help you a little!

thanx for the link, i think that will really help

Strange…when I did the search, I came across LOTS of patterns.

Here’s the search:“6+inch”+square+knitting+pattern+-crochet+-ebay&btnG=Search

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Another good knitting pattern site is[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I just came across that site and was coming back to tell Madame about it. All I can say is wow that has a lot of different stitch patterns!

:shock:, i’ve been there b4 but totally forgot about it. thank you!:muah: